A Comic Show 11.27.18: Heroes In Crisis To Nuclear Winter!

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Hey Fandom! This week’s Heroes In Crisis #3 is good new for this Booster Gold fan, DC’s Nuclear Winter has some fun Mark Russell on Rip Hunter, Drowned Earth finishes in time for DeConnick’s run on Aquaman, and Middleton’s Batgirl #29 cover is a masterpiece.

Over at Marvel Uncanny X-Men, Return of Wolverine, Fantastic Four, and Amazing Spider-Man continue to impress. “Marvel Action Spider-Man” #1, the all-ages IDW published book, was fun and I like having it ready for fans of the new Spider-verse movie.

I’m excited for next week’s Doomsday Clock and Geoff Johns’ Shazam #1 whenever that gets here.

A Comic Show 11.21.18: Carnage & Go-bots Reborn!

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Hey Fandom, it’s Thanksgiving week as we gear up for our Black Friday Sale at our shop, but there’s still some great comics out to discuss.

I was mainly impressed with Cates’ Web of Venom: Carnage Born one-shot and IDW’s Go-bots. Those two books are what I’m most thankful for this week. But I talk about plenty of other ones too. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

A Comic Show 11.14.18: Uncanny X-Men #1 & Stan Lee!

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Hey Fandom! I’m back from NC Comicon, ready to reflect on Stan Lee and talk this week’s new comics.

Marvel’s Uncanny X-Men #1 is a return to the mutants I love doing mutant stuff with other mutant, and I’m a happy fanboy. All the meddling it seemed like Marvel was doing (and in some cases we know they were doing) appear to be at an end. We have plenty of our favorites fighting evil mutants, other X-Men, and warding off ominous apocalyptic futures. I also dug Avengers #700, Cosmic Ghost Rider #3, and Fantastic Four #3.

At DC G. Willow Wilson’s first issue of her Wonder Woman run is off to a good start, and Tom King’s Mister Miracle finale stuck the landing.

My favorite new title, Captain Ginger, continued to impress. Dark Horse’s giving Alien 3 another chance at what might have been. And we have a double shot of Whedon with both Firefly #1 and a Dr. Horrible one-shot.

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