A Comic Show 10.24.18: Wolverine, Ghost Spider, & Drowned Earth

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Hey Fandom, I’m back with comics i liked this week. I’m really digging the nostalgic vibe Return of Wolverine is giving me, I’m still on spider overload with the Geddons and Gwens, and this new Punisher series absolutely delivers. Image’s Burnouts say no to aliens and yes to drugs…for the sake of all humanity. And DC’s Drowned Earth and Witching Hour crossovers are both wins for the post Metal DCU.

A Comic Show 10.3.18: Tom King Foils DC!

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Hey Fandom! I’m back repping Booster Gold, and explain how I feel he’ll save the day and The Flash in Heroes In Crisis. I also talk about Batman #56, Nightwing #50, Witching Hour, and this limited color palette foil covers. Also Wonder Woman Earth One volume two hardcover and Batman White Knight softcover are out.

For Marvel I enjoyed Superior Octopus for Spider-Geddon, X- Men Black Magneto, and Shatter-Star. Rainbow Brite put a smile on my face. Mark (The Flintstones) Russell’s Lone Ranger is all about Manifest Destiny. Humphries and Bartel’s new Image title, Blackbird, was beautiful, Duggan and McCrea’s Dead Rabbit was ugly. Both were solid first issues. And Pia Guerra’s Me The People is spot political satire.