A Comic Show 8.29.18: DC vs Loony Tunes vs Rick & Morty vs D&D!

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Hey fandom! I liked all four DC Loony Tunes and give my theory of who dies in Heroes In Crisis #1 (no spoilers, just supported speculation).

Rick and Morty vs Dungeons & Dragons #1 was a love letter to D&D fans. Power Rangers Shattered Grid #1 finale has a holofoil variant, that’s all I’m saying about it.

I also like Costa on Venom First Host #1, and every Cates fan needs to read the Wed of Ve’Nam one shot!

A Comic Show 8.15.18: Crowded Extermination

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Hey Fandom, I’m back and really enjoy some Marvel books this week. Their “Fresh Start” is kicking in for me, especially the house cleaning they’re doing with the X-Men in Extermination. Infinity Wars #2 is continues it’s front loaded action. Star Wars Beckett is another movie prelude/tie-in/one shot that delivered. It was great seeing Beckett and his ill fated crew pull actually something off (sort of) before meeting Solo. Over at DC, Sink Atlantis is raising the bar for both Suicide Squad and Aquaman.

And my favorite book of the week is easily Image’s Crowded #1 by Sebela, crowded funded assassinations and the dark humor that ensues. If you try one new book this week, make it Crowded.


A Comic Show 7.25.18: To Infinity Wars & Beach Blankets!

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Hey Fandom, I’m back from SDCC and ready to talk new comics now with my pal Oral! Mr. & Mrs. X #1 is the married hero book we all wanted, right? Infinity Wars Prime #1 has an epic happening we didn’t spoil here. And Amazing Spider-man #2 has us all in for the Spencer/Ottley run. At DC we ticked closer on the Doomsday Clock, welcomed Bendis to Action Comics #1001, got Dark with the Justice League, and said F Batman with Teen Titans 20 and Lobo’s daughter. We ended on a downer commiserating about Saga’s year long intermission that starts now after the emotionally draining issue 54.

A Comic Show July 4th: Captain America’s Bday & Batman’s Wedding!

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Hey Fandom! This week was a fun one, the craziest romp being Donny Cates’ Cosmic Ghost Rider #1 (his Death of The Inhumans killed as well). I also enjoyed Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Captain America #1. And Rosenberg’s Havok and the Outsiders, I mean Astonishing X-Men 13, is my new favorite X-Book. I love flawed heroes like Alex Summer and flashy ones like Dazzler!

DC had the heavy hitters of Batman #50, Catwoman #1, and Justice League #3. And I show some of Nick Derington’s exclusive covers: http://ultimatecomics.com/batman-50-e…

There are no spoilers for Batman #50 until the 9:38 mark of the video where I say several times to stop watching if you don’t want spoilers. Then I let everyone know why I think this issue has more payoff for an ongoing series than anything else on the stands!

A Comic Show 6.20.18: The Wedding Joke!

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Hey comic fans, Oral and I are back with a fat stack of New Comics Now! This week’s biggest books were X-Men Gold #30’s Mutant Wedding, Slot’s Tony Stark Iron Man #1, Batman #49, and Justice League #2. I also really enjoyed the Rick & Morty one shot and the Regular Show 25 Years Later issue, Oral was all about Shanghai Red #1, and we both geeked out to the Zelda Encyclopedia.