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A Comic Show July 4th: Captain America’s Bday & Batman’s Wedding!

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Hey Fandom! This week was a fun one, the craziest romp being Donny Cates’ Cosmic Ghost Rider #1 (his Death of The Inhumans killed as well). I also enjoyed Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Captain America #1. And Rosenberg’s Havok and the Outsiders, I mean Astonishing X-Men 13, is my new favorite X-Book. I love flawed heroes like Alex Summer and flashy ones like Dazzler!

DC had the heavy hitters of Batman #50, Catwoman #1, and Justice League #3. And I show some of Nick Derington’s exclusive covers: http://ultimatecomics.com/batman-50-e…

There are no spoilers for Batman #50 until the 9:38 mark of the video where I say several times to stop watching if you don’t want spoilers. Then I let everyone know why I think this issue has more payoff for an ongoing series than anything else on the stands!

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