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A Comic Show 8.15.18: Crowded Extermination

By August 15, 2018 August 20th, 2018 No Comments

Hey Fandom, I’m back and really enjoy some Marvel books this week. Their “Fresh Start” is kicking in for me, especially the house cleaning they’re doing with the X-Men in Extermination. Infinity Wars #2 is continues it’s front loaded action. Star Wars Beckett is another movie prelude/tie-in/one shot that delivered. It was great seeing Beckett and his ill fated crew pull actually something off (sort of) before meeting Solo. Over at DC, Sink Atlantis is raising the bar for both Suicide Squad and Aquaman.

And my favorite book of the week is easily Image’s Crowded #1 by Sebela, crowded funded assassinations and the dark humor that ensues. If you try one new book this week, make it Crowded.


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